Some feedback from North Devon Tri Club members after our evening social held at THE BIKESHED Barnstaple.

The subject being Goal setting and periodisation planning.


Hi Simon we wanted to give you some of the feedback received from those who attended your talk last night.


Great! Person centred, excellent knowledge, expertise and food for thought!


It was very interesting. I shall spend time to set some specific goals. Always good to reflect.


Very Interesting talk and I have taken away some of the things he said.


A good night for novices, but you can never hear enough about the importance of zone 2 training.

What I took from it was my goals aren’t high compared to the couple who haven’t done a tri yet and want to do ironman Bolton and I think he said double Ironman.

Very interesting, I could easily listen to more from Simon.

I really enjoyed the talk. Very thought provoking.


Simon was an interesting guy. I feel inspired to train more often and to explore HR zones. Thanks!


From my own point of view Simon - I have been very use to using SMART goal setting in life & was the how I approached IM Austria last year. What I really took away is that every training session needs to be approached in that way. Subsequently I have been out on a ride that took in the old & new Bideford tri route but I planned out my goal to attack one of them in high cadence low gear & the other one low cadence high gear. Felt I really achieved so much more at the end of the session by being more specific with my goal setting. Thank you. I am sure we will get you to run another session to see how people have progressed with their goal setting.


Thanks again





Eric Hall 



It was two years ago that I met you in Boston tea party for an introductory discussion about my sporting goals and aspirations. In my view the last two years have been both rewarding and fulfilling. Your experience, acquired knowledge and understanding of how athletes think is what makes you an outstanding coach. The bonus for me is that I truly value you as a friend and confidant. I understand that I’m not the easiest of subjects, my demanding work schedule and obvious medical problems lead me to lack that vital consistency. I wish I could say that I had achieved more this year than I have, however, the important small goals are important. My 23.45 was a massive boost along with the 95 minute half marathon. I was really good to have you in Denmark and again I think my performance was acceptable with the highlight being the 2.39 bike split. I look forward to 2018 and the search for that sub 5 hour race! Top coach, top man!

Annie Gowing


The improvement in my cycling, from both an ability and enjoyment point of view through working with Simon has been massive. I finally took the plunge and purchased a TT bike a year ago and he has been invaluable in helping me get to grips with this new challenge. Simon has a really flexible approach to fitting training around everyday life, and is always helpful when things have to be changed around last minute. Always encouraging and motivating, with lots of ideas - would highly recommend.

Martyn Leach


"I was new to the TT scene when I joined Simon for his coaching services .

Since then Simon has been very supportive passing on his vast knowledge of racing. This has lead to PB's year on year despite my advancing years, I feel stronger now than I ever have which says something."


Dr. Sam Barker


"Simon has coached me for a few years now both as a university student and in working life. He is great at fitting manageable training sessions in around schedules and really making the training effective as well as explaining clearly how to get the best out of the sessions and where they fit in an overall training plan. I’ve had a great season; I’ve really enjoyed riding my bike and had a number of podium finishes in road races. This is down to smart and consistent training that Simon has planned out with me. As well as providing training plans, Simon really gets to know his clients and looks out for us, he knows when to push on with training and when we could do with a break, this is really important and I think this personal touch sets him aside from other coaches."

Jamie Cooper


"I have been using Simon as a personal coach since 2014.

During the past few years his guidance has progressively transformed me from an average road biker into a competitive time triallist. Simon worked hard to tailor a training plan around my hectic work and home lifestyles, assisting me in working towards and achieving my goals. His coaching package covers every aspect of the sport, ranging from the basics of advice on bike maintenance, group riding and bike handling skills, to complex race tactics, nutrition and everything else in between. His coaching service has a lot to offer to all cyclists/runners of any age or ability and for me it certainly provided the missing link in pursuing my sporting ambitions.

A few months ago I fancied a new challenge. I wanted to take up running. I wasted no time in securing Simons' coaching services to help me prepare for a half marathon. Again, a training plan was devised to tailor for my needs and ambitions, and again I was able to deliver the goods and surpassed all my own expectations. Simon brings unrivaled knowledge and experience to the table. Basically, if Carlsberg offered a coaching service, they’d probably do it a lot like him!"


Nicola Miller


"Simon takes the guesswork out of training.

His coaching framework provides structure and focus and his feedback is targeted with precision.

I have been with him for over two years and during that time he has coached me to Sprint success at the 2017 ETU European Duathlon Championships where I won bronze and latterly to Olympic distance victory in the recent qualifier.

I’d be lost without him."

Julian Harper


"I have known Simon for many years and knew he was coaching some respected competitors. After a few discussions and a meeting I decided to take the plunge and move forward with Simon as my coach. What a good decision this turned out to be! Any doubts I was had were quickly dispelled shortly after starting my training programme. Simon intuitively knew when I was feeling a bit tired, before I had entered my metrics.

Leaving the training structure to Simon has meant I have been able to maximise my training without disrupting family life and fitting it around work, meaning it has been a pretty much stress free experience.

Despite some pretty bad weather this season, I have managed to smash my 10 mile pb and get some quick 25s in the bag on a course that previously didn’t really suit me.

One memorable race this year was when I was part of the team that won the Welsh 10 mile Championships, something I certainly didn’t expect at the start of the season."


Liam Bard 


"Now the season has finished, I’ve hung up my bike for a couple of weeks and had the chance to reflect on my progress and results.
I decided to approach Simon for coaching in September 2014 following a disappointing season with my road racing. After the birth of my son in late 2013, I was struggling to find the time to train. The time I did have, I soon learnt from Simon was not being spent effectively & causing more fatigue than anything else.
Due to returning back to self-employment, time was even more of the essence, so employing a coach was even more appealing to me. Following the initial set up, Simon soon learnt my work/life balance and started producing weekly training plans that slotted in perfectly around my day to day life which also kept my family happy.
Wanting to lean towards Time Trialing more for the 2015 season, we set the CS Dynamo 10 as my first ever attempt at riding a time trial in March to which I surprised myself by coming a respectable 11th with a time of 23.05. Following this, I realised that “the winter training must be working” I soon got the buzz and went on to compete in a further 21 open time trials.
As the season progressed, riding religiously to Simon’s weekly plans and communicating regularly I was riding PB’s in every race. This only boosted my confidence and the drive to push harder as well as taking part in several 25 mile time trials too.
Having already registered from the previous year, I once again took part in the Ride London event in August. Now, having the capacity to ride harder with the “new engine” I’d built, I stormed round the 100 mile course in 3:58 taking 11th out of the 25,000+ riders entered. A fantastic achievement and sense of self worth.
On reflection, I’m amazed by the achievements I’ve made in my first season time trialing, competing against some of the best riders in the south west, to which I have claimed 6 x Podium Finishes, 16 x top 10 finishes, 1 x Welsh Championships Team Prize. 10mile PB: 20:13 - 25mile PB: 52:30
I’m now looking forward to the winter training and to what I can achieve next year working with Simon."

Hi "Shellfish",
You have  developed a lovely way of putting over what you want done by explaining why the athlete should be doing it and how it will benefit them, and also you as the coach.
You listen to what the athlete is saying as well as looking at what they are "producing" in the numbers.
As an athlete you can really tell " this is not just copy & paste training" and there is a lot of thought going into your work.
You make my training variable, enjoyable & fun......it's never a chore to do it for you.
I feel really privilidged that you have given me the chance to work with you.....and I will endeavour to pay back all of your hard work back by winning a National Title for both myself & my coach.
Cheers mate

Conrad Moss


"Simon, I'm sure I speak for everyone who attended that it was an excellent session, informative and pitched really well. I personally gained a lot from it, having had over 20 years experience of resistance training I was sure that I wouldn't learn anything new, but couldn't have been more wrong! Thanks to you Simon for arranging it and a big thanks to Beef and his colleague for an excellent session. Is that my glutes I can still feel?????"





Feedback from clients following cycling specific Strength and Conditioning sessions working with the S&C Team at Exeter University. Please contact me directly if you are interested in attending the next session.




Hi Simon

Many thanks for organising another really helpful S&C session with the Uni
coaching team.

The coaches, Pete & Wayne,  were excellent - we found them really attentive
& helpful, and very happy to give everyone a proper answer to their

They are definitely knowledgeable, and can transfer the information in a way
that is easy to understand and make sense.

Just the little pointers on correct technique and posture will really help
me get the most out of my ageing frame!

Hope you can organise some more sessions to build on this.

Thanks again to you all

All the best


S&C Exeter university


"This Session was really helpful. I had some reservations as i don't have access to a
gym and i wasnt sure what i would be able to do in my (limited) home "gym". I do
have a foam roller so i will be getting back on that and trying to use it daily
to improve flexibiilty/ reduce the tighter areas in my lower half (there are
many!). It was encouraging to know that the body weight exercises i have been
doing are good and with a selection of jumps and pistol squat variations with
less rest I may be able to go some way to improve my strength without spending
more money on kit/ gym membership. it was also good to learn about "cardio or
resistance 1st?" & how many sets/ reps with a view to hypertrophy/ and avoidance
of. I also received some useful pointers with regards to my posture when lifting
and also my foot position (i'm a bit duck footed) and how when i am lifting
heavier weights this will become a problem. all in all, it was well worth the
drive up from Bodmin, if only for the personalised snippets that made it
worthwhile for ME rather than generic information which can be easily accessed
on the 'net.

Many thanks Tim

 "Hi Simon,

Thanks for arranging another S & C session together with "Beef". Once again it
was a well organised, informative hands on session. The two lads Pete and Wayne
obviously take a lot of pride in what they do and were keen to answer any
questions we had for them with enthusiasm and a with a full explanation behind
their reply. With some slightly painful quads today the exercises they
demonstrated, made me realise what I am not doing, in order to help me progress
further with my training. So all in all another useful session which refreshed
my memory.
Thanks to all


Hi Simon,

 I just wanted to say how useful and motivational I found last night's session
at Exeter Uni.

 Although I live an hour away, this is the second session I have been to and
both have been first class and well worth the journey down from North Devon. The
instructors were knowledgeable and patient, and more importantly understood my
needs as a cyclist. I thought it was presented in a relax manner, which made me
feel comfortable to ask questions.

 I have recommended these sessions to friends, who I know are very interested in
future dates. I personally would be interested in a nutrition session and
something that looks at the mental preparation needed to perform in race

 It was great to be at the University, and using their facilities.

 thanks to you and the Uni team for organising this.

 Kind regards