Threshold test

Why do I need a threshold test?


The importance of testing is to establish a baseline set of data from which an athlete can have accurate training zones set by their coach, compare future tests and see progress to ensure training, resting, recovery and nutrition are on track producing the desired improvements.


I can work with you to set your own personal and specific training zones by testing your capacity with a threshold test on the computrainer using data from both your power and heart rate.


COST: £60 at my Office/ £90 call out

DURATION: 90 mins


What do you need, and what do you get?


You simply bring your bike, shoes, cycling kit, towel, water and a recovery drink for afterwards to the testing centre and after a sensible warm up protocol you simply ride the 20 minute time trial as fast and hard as you can for the duration. I am there to motivate and study your RPE (relative perception of exertion) and to keep an eye on any other factors which may be present during the test.


With the data collected I will set up your training zones and send an e-mail with all of your data explained, together with a comprehensive explanation of how your zones will benefit you if used correctly.



Other reasons why you need a test:


The training zones produced allow smart training to enable any level of rider to acheive maximum progress from minimal training effort.


Testing such as the threshold test allows a good picture to be formed of Heart Rate and Power Training Zones so that each workout thereafter can be maximized by training in the correct  zones for optimal progression and specific physiological benefits.


Performance Testing is an effective way to indirectly assess metabolic responses. There are various performances tests but perhaps the simplest and easiest way to track training progress on the bike is by performing a Time Trial(threshold test) on the CompuTrainer which can indirectly assess how the body handles lactate production by measuring one’s performance during the time trial. 

Achieving the desired outcomes with a CompuTrainer Threshold test, like any other test, begins before testing starts. In order to have successful data interpretation, the test and conditions need to be consistent and repeatable. Variables to keep constant are time of test, distance, gearing, equipment, temperature, humidity, nutrition, sleep, rest and training status. By measuring and monitoring your Heart Rate, Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), Watts and Total Time for completion of the distance one will be able to measure performance gains or losses from time to time.