From beginner to professional, everyone can benefit from a bike fitting!


I offer a bike fitting service to ensure you are correctly positioned on your bicycle, whether you are looking for a competitive advantage, or to rid yourself of discomfort whilst out on your weekend ride.


There are a wide variety of gadgets and services to help ensure a good bicycle fitting, but one thing that works above all else is experience! I have been cycling for over 40 years both competitively and for fun and experienced first-hand how a correct fit can enhance performance and comfort on the bike. Following some basic principles of fitting which have been honed over time plus a spinscan analysis. I can guide you through these principles on your bike to enhance your enjoyment and performance in which ever discipline you participate in.


I will send you on your way with the confidence to continue with some minor adjustments to your bike if I think this necessary as sudden major adjustments can cause injury and discomfort. A bike fit is an ongoing process and I may give you some advice on flexibility which will benefit the whole process.


COST: £50 Includes spinscan analysis and full report with all measurements.


DURATION: approximately 90mins


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